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Cold Weather and Cold Sores

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Did you know over half of the world’s population has HSV-1, the virus responsible for cold sores? I didn’t! I figured since cold sores and oral herpes isn’t a viral topic (see what I did there?) that less people were actually infected. Cold weather and cold sores go hand in hand so there’s no better time to talk about cold sore remedies and how to break the stigma.

I haven’t had a cold sore since I was in high school but I remember being absolutely miserable. It hurt, it was chapped and above all it was embarrassing. I wish more people knew just how common they can be and how accessible cold sore treatments are.

Cold weather, windy weather, stress and weakened immune systems can all trigger cold sore breakouts.. Thankfully, Campho Phenique® Cold Sore Treatment Gel promotes healing and can help lessen the pain. Campho Phenique Cold Sore Treatment Gel uses the maximum concentrations of it’s active ingredients to provide relief fast. It’s also clear, so it doesn’t show and make things more obvious. Having a good cold sore medicine in your medicine cabinet can make all the difference in the world when an outbreak hits.

6 Little Known Facts About Cold Sores

  • Most individuals contract the virus responsible for cold sores when they are children through sharing food, utensils and slobbery kisses!
  • Not everyone shows symptoms! Normally a sore eon or around the mouth would be a give away but some people don’t have any symptoms at all and still spread the virus unknowingly.
  • Cold sores can show up on other parts of the body and aren’t only found on or near the mouth.
  • The first outbreak is almost always the worst. Often, the first breakout lasts the longest and is the most painful.
  • Cold and dry weather trigger cold sores. Luckily, Campho Phenique moisturizes the surrounding areato lessen the discomfort one might feel.
  • There’s no cure, but there are many cold sore treatments. Campho Phenique Cold Sore Treatment Gel is one of them and is found at your favorite retailers.

When you feel a cold sore coming on remember to check out Campho Phenique Cold Sore Treatment at your local retailer. Campho Phenique provides maximum strength medicine to dry out the cold sore without causing cracking and helps ease the pain an annoyance. You can find coupons on the Campho Phenique site as well! Use as directed.

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