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Is MyFitnessPal Premium Worth It?

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At the beginning of the pandemic I started working out, eating right and tracking my food again. MyFitnessPal has always been the app of choice for me when I want to track my meals. I recently had a free premium trial that expired and I bought the year subscription somewhat on accident. I always wondered if MyFitnessPal Premium was worth it and now I know!

First, it’s only $49 a year. Not bad considering other apps are a bit more and do a lot less. Second, you’re not just getting a tracking app with MyFitnessPal, you’re getting recipes, workouts and much, much more.

Here’s What I Like About It

  • I love the food analysis. I can quickly see what I ate that was highest in sugar or protein or anything else. I find it helpful when I need to cut down on sugar for instance or fats.
  • Having calorie goals by meals has been a huge help for me. I can plan out my day instead of trying to load a bunch of calories in a meal or eat just broccoli for dinner…it’s happened!
  • The ads are gone! I would click on the ads ALL THE TIME! It drove me nuts!
  • Premium eating plans at my finger tips. There are tons to choose from and offer a structured program that’s easy to follow. For example, the Building Healthy Habits plan has helped me add more whole vegetables to my day and has helped me swap out my sugary treats for healthier alternatives.

I get that apps like MyFitnessPal aren’t for everyone. I find it super helpful because I have to physically log everything I eat. It forces me to make better choices for sure. I do take breaks from tracking though, because if I didn’t, I’d become obsessed. That’s not healthy and not something I want to do. I allow myself a day or two of no tracking every week or so. It’s refreshing and I find that I still make good food choices on my rest days.

There’s nothing I don’t like about the premium version of MyFitnessPal other than I have to pay for it! Just so you all know, this post isn’t sponsored by the app and I am not (at this point in time!) partnered with them at all. I paid for the premium on my own (on accident after a free trial!) and don’t regret it at all.

Happy eating!

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