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Makeup Brushes That Won’t Break The Bank

assorted makeup brushes

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I was cleaning my makeup brushes and realized I’ve had most of my brushes for years. I also noticed that most of my favorite brushes are pretty inexpensive. You don’t need expensive tools to do the job. I have quite a few friends who happen to be pro makeup artists and they use some of my favorite brushes. I bought them on their recommendation. The best part is that my most used makeup brushes won’t break the bank so you can load up!

Omnia BOM-180 // $20.99

I use this brush for my cream bronzers and blushes. It is hands down the best brush I’ve found for my favorite Chanel Les Beiges Bronzing Cream. It’s $20.99 which isn’t too pricey and you can use my code LBL10 to save on your order. You can’t go wrong with the Omnia line!

Omnia BOM-180 // $20.99

Moda Pro Pointed Blush // $8.99

I use mostly Moda brushes. Omnia is actually part of Moda but more geared towards professional makeup artists. Anyways, I’ve had this blush brush for longer than I’d like to admit and it’s still a staple in my makeup routine. I love the way it applies powder blushes. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve used any other brush in a few years. You can’t go wrong with any of their brushes and make sure to use my code LBL10 to save you some extra money! At $8.99, you can fill that cart up without the guilt.

Moda Pro Crease // $5.99

I use this brush every time I do my eye shadow. I actually have about five of these babies on deck. At $5.99 a pop, I don’t mind having a few back ups. I love their other eye brushes but this crease brush stands out the most to me. Again, don’t forget to use my code LBL10 to save.

Sigma F80 // $25

Sigma is a brand that. most makeup enthusiasts and professionals know about. Their brushes are top quality and everyone seems to have a favorite. The F80 is my all time favorite for foundation. It’s the best kabuki I’ve found, and trust me, I’ve tried tons of different ones. Use the code LB&L to save some extra money.

Sigma F80 // $25

Coastal Scents Small Stippling // $4.95

I’ve had this brush for over 6 years and it’s still one of my favorites. It’s time I buy 10 backups in all honesty. I use this for my cream and liquid blushes and I have yet to find another brush that does as good a job. It works really well on Colourpop’s Super Shock Blush too!

Nars Botan Kabuki Brush // $70

I snuck this one in there because it’s been a favorite of mine for over 5 years. It’s pricey and I know doesn’t fit most budgets, but I’ll never forget the day I bought it. I wanted to treat myself and was looking for a foundation brush and the nicest most pregnant sales lady talked me into this baby. At the time, $70 was way way way too expensive for me, but I took it home have loved it ever since. I use it mainly the blend my products and sometimes to apply tinted moisturizers or bb creams.

Hoola Bronzer Brush // $24

I’ve had this bronzer brush for years. There’s a trend here…my favorite brushes have been with me for years and years! Anyways, this is my favorite bronzing brush for powder bronzers. At $24, I don’t find it super pricey. I’ve had to replace once because the bristles popped out on my first one. It was totally my fault though. I use to tug and pull when I cleaned my brushes for some odd reason and pop, off it came. As long as you don’t rough house with it, it will stay perfect for years.

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  • Reply Manojnatha Shekhar

    Makeup brushes are the main part of our makeup. They need to be kept and maintained in a better condition to get the desired makeup look.

    September 29, 2020 at 4:07 pm
    • Reply Nikol

      Totally agree! Proper washing and storage is very important.

      September 29, 2020 at 4:50 pm

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