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Petite Ave. – Personal Stylist For Us Petite Women

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My drivers license says I’m 5’2 but I’m really closer to 5’1. I like to round up! Anyways, finding clothes to fit my short frame is actually pretty hard. I’ve shopping regular sizes all my life and have learned to make due with what’s available. I won’t have to struggle anymore though because Petite Ave. offers a personal stylist for us petite women. Petite Ave. is a new personal shopping experience for women under 5’5 and I am all for them!!

How It Works

  • Sign up on Petite Ave.. Take the style quiz and let your stylist know what you’re looking for!
  • Wait for your glorious shipment!
  • Try on all the items that come in your bag!
  • Decide on what pieces you’d like to keep and what you’d like to send back within 5 days of receiving.
  • Stuff the pre-paid bag with the pieces you’re not feeling and drop in the mail and make sure to fill out the card to give your amazing stylists the feed back they need to make your next shipment even better.
  • Pay for the pieces you keep!
  • Do it all over again because it’s fun!!

My First Order

Let me just tell you, I was blown away by my first order with Petite Ave. I’ve subscribed to other similar services in the past and though I enjoyed them, I feel like Petite Ave. is better for those of us who are under 5’5. The brands and quality of the pieces I received are amazing. I was afraid that it wouldn’t be very affordable, but I was wrong! My stylist took note of my budget and I feel she didn’t try to slip anything in that went over what I was planning on spending. The pieces I relied are super versatile too! I can wear the pieces I received 9 different ways! I can’t express how much I loved my first order enough, because I really did. I’m ready for my next Petite Ave. to arrive!

What I Got

Kancan Mid Rise Shorts – These shorts fit like a dream! I am in love with how comfy they are. I’ll be wearing them until it’s cold again.

Jolie Side Scrunch Tank – I fell in love with how light and airy this tank is. I feel like I can dress it up or down too.

BB Dakota Front Tie Dress – I was sent two sizes of this dress and I opted for the more fitted size. I love how comfy it is!

Wasabi + Mint Leopord Print Tee – Can we say Carol Baskin? Joking! Love how fun the print is on this tee. Normally I reach for a plain black or white tee but I’m happy I have something fun in my closet now.

Jack by BB Dakota Paper Bag Shorts – I almost cried when I pulled these out of the bag. I’ve been wanting a pair of these shorts for forever. They are so comfy and I can style them hundreds of ways.

Get 10% off Petite Ave when you sign up HERE! Make sure you drop me a line if you subscribe…I want to see what you get!

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