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DOGust 1st The Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs

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This was honestly a spur of the moment post because I had no idea that DOGust 1st was the universal birthday for shelter dogs. I’m a dog lover, obviously, and it breaks my heart to see the shelters full of animals that deserve loving homes.

I can’t imagine life without our two beasts, Thor and Loki. We didn’t plan on raising two 8 week old German Shepherds, it just kind of happened. Loki came first and was meant to be a gift for a family member but ended up stealing my heart! Thor literally came into our lives the day after Loki and there was no way we could deny his cute puppy face.

Loki as a pup!

The Story of Loki

A friend of mine from high school had posted a picture of a cute German Shepherd puppy on Facebook stating that he needed a new home. Someone he knew had to re-home him after having two and realizing that wasn’t going to work out. He was about 8 weeks old and I jumped at the opportunity! My goal was to gift him to a family member since their dog was getting older. I thought Loki would be a great addition to the household! My mistake! The family member didn’t want the responsibility of having a puppy in the house, understandably, and didn’t want their older dog to feel replaced. Luckily, my husband and I were able to keep him but not before we picked up another 8 week old German Shepherd that we named Thor.

Thor being his bratty self!

The Story of Thor

My husband picked Thor out of someone’s trunk at 8 weeks old. He was a Pet Finder puppy that I found in case getting Loki fell through. We had Loki for about an hour before my husband (he denies this!) told me he wanted a puppy too. Anyways, we picked Thor up and headed to a Memorial Day BBQ with our gift puppy. We intended to raise Thor and gift Loki, but you know how that turned out! We honestly wouldn’t have it any other way and love the both of them!

Loki and Thor at about 10 weeks old.

Our Lives Changed

You guessed it. We are crazy and our lives totally changed. Having two German Shepherd puppies is no easy task, but we got through it and they are now almost 5! It’s not easy raising two high energy dogs at the same time but we’ve managed somehow and can’t imagine life without them.

Me and Thor.
Me, Steve, Loki and Thor.

DOGust 1st and How To Help Celebrate

DOGust 1st became the universal birthday for shelter dogs in 2008. The world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, North Shore Animal League America, is to thank for creating this awesome day!

Even though my beasts didn’t come from the shelter, I still want to give back and help all the amazing dogs waiting for their forever homes. There’s a few ways that I plan on helping this month that I will list bellow. I urge you all to help out too!

  • Share the cause! I created a fundraiser on Facebook that benefits my local shelter. I will be sharing it all month! Facebook makes it super easy to start and manage fundraisers!
  • Start a conversation! I’m talking about the shelters and what they need. I’m using my socials to spread awareness and hopefully inspire others to do the same!
  • I’m going to volunteer! Yes, you read that right! I am going to reach out to see if I can lend a hand at my local shelter. I’m sure they need help and since they are non-profit, they need free labor!
  • Donate! I’ve already purchased a bag of dog food off my local shelters Amazon wishlist. I plan on donating more, especially when I’m ordering stuff for myself or my beasts on Amazon. It’s super easy to check a shelters wishlist and ship it to them!

If you’re looking for a shelter to donate to, check out Animal Friends of the Valley. They happen to be my local shelter and I will be supporting them as much as I can!

Me and Thor.

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