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Skincare That Works – My Favorite Dermalogica Products

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I’ve been in love with skincare for as long as I can remember. It started when I was a little girl. I use to admire my moms collection when I could barley reach the bathroom counter. I vividly remember a Neutrogena soap bar that hung by a magnet. I have no clue if they still make it! Anyways, my early knowledge of skincare was in the form of simple routines and professional brands.

I don’t remember when I was introduced to Dermalogica, but it was early on. I’ve since tried hundreds of products and brands, but find myself reaching for the grey and white bottles more often than not. Dermalogica products just work for me. I love that they are simple, straight to the point and effective.

I shop Dermalogica through a few different sources. I will buy straight from the Dermalogica site or at Ulta. I shop Ulta when the have sales because saving money is always a good thing! I will also pick up products from my aesthetician when needed.

My Favorite Dermalogica Products

Dynamic Skin Recovery // SPF 50

This moisturizer with SPF will probably always be my ride-or-die. It offers amazing sun protection and acts as an incredible anti-aging moisturizer. I have gone through at least six bottles of this stuff. It sits well under my makeup, doesn’t leave a white cast and doesn’t irritate or clog my pores like some other SPF products.

Active Moist // Oil-Free Moisterizer

I’m actually a new user of Active Moist. My aesthetician recommended it to me and obviously I had to take her advice and grab it. It’s one of the best moisturizers I’ve ever used. I like using it in my morning routines and I’ve noticed that it sits well with my other morning skincare and whatever makeup I might put on top. It’s super light weight and absorbs really well into the skin.

Sound Sleep Cocoon // Night – Gel Cream

This is gold! Literal skincare gold! I would sell my soul for more Sound Sleep Cocoon. It’s worth the price tag! I use it in most of my nighttime routines and at least four times a week. It’s super lightweight unlike other sleeping creams. It smells of lavender, which is my absolute favorite. Sound Sleep Cocoon has a light gel consistency and you don’t need much product. My skin always feels so amazing in the morning as it really aids in skin recovery overnight.

Biolumin – C Eye Serum // Vitamin C

I suffer from milia around the sensitive under eye area. It’s taken a lot to get rid of it and I’m always cautious about eye products because I don’t want it to come back. Getting rid of milia can be expensive and time consuming, so I don’t want to visit that again. I stick to eye serums or lightweight eye creams instead of heavier products because milia is caused by clogged pores. My eyes felt like they got a life the first time I slapped Biolumin – C on my skin…and I’m serious! It’s refreshing and has really helped improve my under eye area. After about a month using it I noticed less fine lines and a more even surface. I’m a huge believer in this eye serum!

Antioxidant Hydramist // THE BEST MIST!

Facial mists are NOT created equal! I use to think so though. I am completely hooked on the Antioxidant Hydramist and keep one on my dresser as well as a bottle in my purse. It helps fight free radical damage and signs of aging, so basically it’s the best mist ever created. I’m always reminded why I love it so much when I mist my face.

Phyto Replenish Body Oil // Body Love

I’m a huge fan of body oils, but have had a hard time finding one that doesn’t leave my skin greasy. Some absorb really well but don’t leave my skin feeling moisturized all day. The Phyto Replenish Body Oil leaves me feeling amazing all day long and it’s not greasy to me at all. My skin just drinks this stuff up! Taking care of all of your skin is important, not just the face!

Daily Microfoliant // Exfoliant For Everyone!

Everyone should have a bottle of Microfoliant in their stash. It’s safe for sensitive skin and does a heck of a job for those that love physical exfoliants. The powder activates with water and you don’t use much at all. I like using it in my morning routines and my skin just loves it. This is probably the first ever Dermalogica product I ever used and purchased myself. I will always have this gem in my stash and find myself using it at least three times a week.

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  • Reply filza122013

    I love this product that was my first product to start diminishing my acne. I must say Great results!

    July 13, 2020 at 2:48 am
    • Reply Nikol

      I’m so happy their products worked for you too!!

      July 13, 2020 at 7:01 pm

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