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The Supplements I Take

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Supplements and vitamins are such a personal thing. No two people are the same and what works for me may not work well for you. It’s really a trial and error type thing in my opinion. I want to feel my best and I think vitamins help me achieve that.

Like I said, supplements are a personal thing and aren’t one size fits all. My advice is to listen to your body, give them a chance to work and do your own research. I’m not a medical expert or nutritionist therefor I base my claims on the way I feel versus scientific data.

CoQ10 // $9.29

The reason I started taking CoQ10 is because I’m getting older and am pretty active. It’s known for enhancing cellular energy production and physical performance, supporting cardiovascular health, boosting antioxidant activity, maintaining healthy blood sugar balance and promoting neurological health. I feel like my muscles better with the CoQ10 in my daily routine. I workout everyday and don’t find myself as sore as I was before adding it into my supplement arsenal.

Probiotic Gummy // $9.99

This one is pretty new to me. I wanted to add a probiotic into my routine to promote better digestion and gut health but didn’t want a drinkable option. I love gummy vitamins and figured this would be the best option for me. So far I like them. They taste good, they are easy to take and I only have to eat one a day.

Vitamin C with Rose Hips // $7.89

I have always believed that Vitamin C is super important to take on a regular basis. When COVID-19 hit California, I made sure I ordered more and opted for the Rose Hip option. Rose Hip claims to be great for arthritis, boosting the immune system and fighting off forgiven invaders.

Prenatal Multi-Vitamin // $14.99

I know what everyone will think, but that’s not why I take prenatal vitamins. I have had irregular pap’s and cervical health is the reason I started taking them. Folic Acid is great for cervical health in addition to all the other vitamins in this particular prenatal. I’ve talked with my doctor about it and have been given the green light to take them on a regular basis. I’d like to add that cervical health is super important and to make sure you get yearly screenings. I use to think it was every four years but new studies show that getting a pap every year can greatly increase the chances for early cervical cancer detection.

Bee Propolis // $3.99

I’ve read that bee propolis helps the immune system and respiratory health. Here’s a little known fact about me…I use to be a cigarette smoker. I quit about 8 years ago but the damage is probably already done. If I can do anything to help support good respiratory health, I will! This is a kind of hippy product and considered as alternative therapy. I’ve been taking it for a while and have no complaints.

Mega Glucosamine // $4.99

I recently started taking glucosamine because I love to run. I have semi-poor joint health and get achy knees when I overdo it. I figured it was time to add it to my routine in order to promote better joint health. It nourishes cartilage and connective tissue which is good for those that are active and workout.

Red Carpet // $25

I’ve been a fan of Hum supplements for forever it seems. Red Carpet is one of my go-to’s and it honestly makes a big difference to me. It’s formulated with Black currant seed oil that contains essential fatty acids our bodies can’t make. It claims to help improve the skin and it really does. My skin glows when I keep up with my daily Red Carpet. You can use the code 172AAB to save $10 off your order too!

Vitafive Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy // $12.99

I love taking gummy vitamins because they feel like a treat! It’s the kid in me! Anyways, ACV is super important to me. I would take it in the morning after waking up to help with digestion and heart health. The research is somewhat controversial but I honestly feel like my body functions better when I take my ACV. I prefer to take it in the mornings!

Immuneti // $24.50

I just started taking Immuneti supplements. They contain Vitamin C, Zinc, Garlic, Echinacea and Elderberry, all of which are said to help boost immunity. I’ve been taking them for about three weeks and am liking them so far. I love that they contain multiple immune boosting ingredients in just one pill.

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