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Battle of Self Tanners

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Summer officially starts June 20th. It’s time to get ready and get that tan on! For years I went to a tanning salon. No one told me how harmful those tanning beds were and I regret it so much. I made the switch to self tanners after learning about how damaging sun beds are and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been testing a few different products so you don’t have to! Let the battle of the self tanners commence! To be fair, I’m only sharing products I’ve personally used and actually liked. I’ve used so many different tanning products that just didn’t cut it, but I wanted to break down the good ones for you!

Isle of Paradise Super-Size Self Tanning Face & Body Kit // On Sale for $46

I literally woke up this morning and my husband said my legs were super tan! I used 5 drops of the tanning drops mixed in with my body lotion on each leg and I got the PERFECT color! I feel like I get the best sun kissed color with Isle of Paradise. The drops and the water are super easy to use and I haven’t run into any mess. The color develops in a few hours and they both dry really quick! I 100% recommend this set!

Coola Sunless Tan Sculpting Mousse // $48

This is literally the first tanning mousse I actually liked. Everything else left me streaky. It very well could be the way I apply but listen…I don’t have time for games. I use the Coola mitt and bam, I’m good. I do feel like this takes a bit of time to dry down, but I’ve never had it transfer on any clothing. My color seems to last a lot longer when I use this mousse too. I totally recommend!

Tournesol SunPop Sunless Tanning Towelette // 10 for $24

I’ve used these twice now and HOLY COW! I have never used a tanning towelette because they just seemed odd to me. I have to say, these things are pretty great. I got really nice color that washed down perfectly after that first shower. My color seemed to last longer than any mousse or other products I’ve ever used. I’m totally sold on these!

Coola Sunless Tan Firming Lotion // $46

This is another mix in the lotion product. I find I need to watch out around my knees and ankles a bit more than with the Isle of Paradise. I love the color I get and it’s great for in-between days when I need a touch up. Quick, easy and no mess! I recommend for those that just want a hint of color every now and then!

TourneSol GloGetter Self Tanning Gradual BB Body Cream // $24

This one surprised me. I’ve used it as an in-between and it gives such a pretty glow! It doesn’t cover and discoloring in your skin like you might think though. I might be the only one that sees BB in a products name and thinks a little bit of coverage. Nope, this doesn’t do that but it does give you a nice, SUBTLE sun kissed glow. I love the smell too! A little but goes a long way and it seems to dry down pretty quick. I’m really enjoying this and hands down recommend!

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