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My Favorite Workout Clothes That Won’t Break The Bank

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Let’s get real…good workout clothes are hard to come by. I’ve bought hundreds of pieces and have donated or tossed most of them because they weren’t up to par. I won’t spend $100 on a pair of leggings either. It’s taken me a while to find leggings that are comfortable, hold up and don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ve compiled all my favorite workout clothes that won’t break the bank for you so you don’t have to waste your money like I have in the past!


Fabletics // Leggings

I size down on all Fabletics leggings. I’m normally a small but opt of extra small because I find that most leggings will stretch out a bit over time. I do this will all leggings actually. The first wear or two might be tight, but I’ve been able to make them last and now they are perfect!

Target // Check The Clearance Racks

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check the clearance racks at Target. I’ve found sports bras for $5 and workout tops for $2. I will NEVER pass up a sale like that, and you shouldn’t either!

Matchy Matchy Sets

I know matchy match sets are all the rage right now and we all have to make our workouts “fashion”. I get it. I like cute workout clothes too BUT I won’t break the bank in the process. Fabletics is the way to go for a few months to build your collection up. I wear the tops I get in my monthly outfit with other leggings and they all seem to match and mix just right.

Old Navy // Hidden Gem

I feel like Old Navy is a hidden “gym” for workout clothes. They always have sales and the quality of their pieces is pretty good. I literally just donated a few pairs of leggings that I probably had for at least five or six years. The only reason I let them go is because I have new ones I needed to make room for. Their sports bras have always been really good too!

CRZ Yoga // Amazon’s Secret

CRZ Yoga sent me a pair of their leggings a while back and claimed they were on par with a name brand that sells their same style leggings for over $100. I was a little iffy but agreed to check them out. I have to say…they were RIGHT! Their leggings are amazing and so are their workout tops. I have a few! They have great customer service and tons of different styles.


Workout clothes are just that…clothes for workout and sweating in. Don’t go crazy and spend too much if you don’t have to! It’s totally fine if you want to though! I just know that my favorite workout clothes that don’t break the bank are the ones I wear most often and the ones I enjoy working up a sweat in!

My Favorite Workout Clothes That Won’t Break The Bank

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