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Favorites Of The Week 4/27

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It’s the last week in April, we are still on safer at home orders. I’ve been trying to stick to a schedule and get work done around the house. It seems like everyone’s world has been flipped upside down. My favorites of the week have helped me get through it though!

  • Iconic Protein drinks have been a go-to for me this week. They are good, packed with good ingredients and super convenient. I’ve like all the flavors but Cafe Latte is my fav!
  • Drunk Elephant’s new Happi Scalp Scrub has done wonders to my scalp and I feel so much lighter and refreshed. Call me crazy, but it’s just what I needed!
  • The Vintage Cosmetic Company Hair Turban has been a staple in my hair washing routine. It cuts down drying time and keeps my wet hair out of the way so I can get ready without dealing with it.
  • Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs are a MUST in my shower. I love the tropical scents. They leave my skin super soft and help me achieve a closer shave. Plus, they don’t break the bank!
  • I can’t live without my Apple Watch. My husband bought it for me as a Christmas gift and I’ve worn int everyday. I especially like the payments available through HSN.
  • I finally pulled out my Soda Stream and won’t stop using it. It’s getting hotter and sparkling water is my jam right now. I love making my own flavors. I’m saving money because I’m not buying any from the store and I’m reducing my waste…save the planet y’all! It’s $89.99 but HSN allows you to make payments of $30…it’s worth the investment.

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