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Making The Switch To an Ollie Diet

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Let me start by introducing Thor and Loki. They are almost five years old and they are both the biggest babies. German Shepherds are prone to hip problems and we’ve made sure they eat only the best. Well, the best doesn’t seem to cut it for their fancy tastebuds and we found that they would often turn down meals. Making the switch to an Ollie diet sounded like a good plan and we wanted to give it a go!

Our family

We’ve always made sure the food we feed our boys is top notch. We even mix their dry foods so they have different flavors and don’t get bored. I blame my husband for that one. When I break it down though, their meals aren’t as pricey you’d think, and they are being fed a well rounded diet, so it’s worth it.

When I read about Ollie and what they do, I had to get it for Thor and Loki. They needed a change because their food was getting boring and I needed a change because they weren’t eating all their food.

The Ollie Difference

Ollie teamed up with canine nutritionists to develop cooking methods and personalized formulas. They also made it super easy for us humans with packaging that keeps it fresh, measuring the perfect portion. The best part is that they deliver straight to your door.

Loki with his Ollie meals

With everything going on in the world right now, it’s best to stay home and do our part to not help stop this nasty virus from spreading. I’ve been relying on delivery for all sorts of things in order to stay safe and home. Ollie made this one easy for us by delivering a few weeks of food straight to our doorstep.

The Ollie Plan

We are on the Some Ollie lamb plan. We find the boys love lamb the most and it’s not a hard protein to digest. Thor has some issues with poultry, so we stay away from it. We add Ollie to their kibble but you can customize it to your liking. Their plans consist of All Ollie (100%), Mostly Ollie (50%) and Some Ollie (about 25%). Each plan is personalized according to your dogs weight, breed and activity level. Pricing will vary because of the culmination but ours is under $2.50 a serving, which is a steal in my opinion. You’re getting human grade high quality protein, natural superfoods and fresh produce packed in a convient pack!

Thor and his favorite Ollie meal

The True Test

I’ve blabbed on and on about Ollie and the food, now it’s time to tell you how Thor and Loki are liking it. They’ve been eating Ollie with their meals twice a day for about three weeks. They have yet to snuff or turn down a meal! It’s a miracle! They would eat either breakfast or dinner with their old food or just plain kibble, but with Ollie mixed in, they are eating both their meals with no questions asked! I have never been so happy and I’m sure they are pretty happy about it too. I’m glad we made the switch to an Ollie diet.

Thor and his Ollie meal box

If you want to give Ollie a shot, make sure you check it out here to score 50% off your first box!

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