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Tips For Being Productive While Working From Home

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A lot of us are being forced to work from home right now. I personally love it, but do find my motivation isn’t where it needs to be. Here are my tips for being productive while working from home!

Keep Your Regular Hours

Keep your bedtime and set your alarm like you normally would. Just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean you can stay up all night and party! Routine is key. Wake up when you normally would, shower and get to work. Make breakfast before you head into “work” because you’ll have time without the commute.

Keep The Kids and Pets Busy

If you have kids that are out of school or clingy pets, give them something to do. The kids can color or read for an hour while you get some work done. I don’t have kids, so I can only imagine how challenging this might be, but be creative and don’t be afraid to have structure! If you need to work, you need to work! Luckily, my dogs aren’t too needy when I need some quiet time to work, but I know some can be. Get some toys, or a nice bone so they can leave you alone for a bit. A nice long walk before you start working can help do the trick too because a tired dog is a happy dog!

Turn Off The News

Keep that TV off! Turn the news off, turn off social media notifications and only take work calls. Don’t check in on what’s going on. Keep to work and work only. The more distractions, the less work you’ll actually get done.

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Give Yourself a List

Create a list of everything you NEED to accomplish that day. Get it done. No excuses. If you have to work “overtime” so be it. Get it done so you won’t have to do it the next day and overwhelm yourself. If you don’t have many tasks to complete, give yourself busy work. Clear your old e-mails out and get a jump on things you might have to do later.

Dress The Part

Don’t go to “work” with no pants. I know, I’m taking the fun out of this aren’t I? If you don’t get yourself ready and in the right mindset, you might be one of those people who slack off. It happens! I’m one of them! I have to physically get ready in order to work my best from home. Plus, you’ll feel like you accomplished more, I promise.

At the end of the day, work is work. Social distancing is real, and we need to do our part. If your company is having you work from home, be thankful because a lot of people don’t have that option! You got this…now be productive!

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