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Sanitizing Products Found on Amazon

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Sanitizing and disinfecting is the way of life right now. I’ve gone through my past orders to bring you a list of in-stock sanitizing products found on Amazon.

Tech Wipes

Phones and computers need to be sanitized, especially now. I’ve always wiped down my phone and laptop, but I’m doing it more than before. These wipes are perfect because they are safe to use on your electronics! Don’t use just any wipes because they can and sometimes will damage your devices.

Hand Wipes For On The Go

I can’t say if these kill the Covid 19 virus that is going around, but I can say I’ve purchased these several times and love them for on the go wipes. I use them when I travel and wipe down surfaces that I touch and I use them in my car to wipe down the steering wheel and handles.

Home Cleaners

I trust the Lysol brand, and always have. I’ve used quite a few different products made by them and have been happy with them all.

If it seems like everything will be sold out on-line for a while, but keep checking back because suppliers are trying to make their products available. Stores are experiencing this too. The most important thing is to wash your hands frequently and limit contact with people that are or may be sick. I’ve always wiped down door knobs and surfaces that are frequently touched in my house, but I’m doing it even more right now. We will get through this together and in the end, we will become better cleaners!

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