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My Favorite Body Care Products Found on Amazon

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I’ve been into skincare for years but have lacked in the body care department big time. I know I need to take more care of the skin on my body, so I’ve been working my way through products the last few months to find the right ones for me. I love shopping on Amazon! Naturally I had to compile my favorite body care products found on Amazon for you!

First up is the Bioderma Atoderm Cleaning Oil. It’s pricey, but lasts a long time and works really well on sensitive skin. It’s great for shaving and doesn’t dry your skin out at all. I’ve repurchased at least five times now and always have it in my shower.

Next is the Human+Kind Body Souffle. This body lotion is heavenly! I received it in a subscription box a while back and need to repurchase soon. It smells amazing and really keeps my skin in tip top shape. I apply it after I shower and my skin hasn’t been as dry!

I cannot live without my Korean Exfoliating Bath Washcloths. They have been a favorite of mine for a few years now. I use them once a week and haven’t skipped my scrub time. They work…even my husband loves them!

I’ve recently started body brushing again and I swear by it. I tried it years ago and did it every week but fell off the wagon for some reason. It’s great for exfoliation and getting the blood moving in all the right places. This Amazon Choice Dry Skin Body Brush is one of my favorites!

I can’t live without a good body oil, and the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Oil is my favorite right now, plus, Prime shipping!! I apply right when I get out of the shower before I dry off. It helps lock in moisture that way!

The last body care product from Amazon that I can’t live without is the Sans Pareil Naturals Shea Butter. I stock up when it comes back in stock because they sell out from time to time. They are ethically and sustainable sourced and the quality is amazing. I actually wrote a review last year on this shea butter. You can check that out here.

Follow my body care list over on Amazon to stay up to date on my favorite products! I’m always trying new things and trying to up my body care routine.

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