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3 of The Best Food Subscriptions

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Have you ever wondered about those food subscriptions we all see ads for? They sound amazing right? All you have to do is order and they show up in an insulated box on your doorstep. Well, I’m here to share 3 of the best food subscriptions you can order.

Enjoying my Daily Harvest smoothie. It even has a place for a straw!

The first subscription I’m a fan of is Daily Harvest. Daily Harvest has tons of yummy smoothie, oat bowl, chia bowl, harvest bowl and sweet treat bite offerings. They come frozen too! My favorites are the Chocolate and Hazelnut Smoothie and Cinnamon Banana Oat Bowl. You can make overnight oats with the oat bowls too!

Daily Harvest is great for those that are on the go and need something quick. The ingredients they use are all organic and super charged. I love being able to toss one of the smoothie cups into my blender with some oat milk and taking it on the go with me in the mornings! Don’t forget to use the code NIKOL to save yourself $25 off your first box!

Me prepping my Hello Fresh meal

My second favorite food subscription is the one and only Hello Fresh. I like Hello Fresh because you can pick meals according to your dietary needs. My husband and I are trying to incorporate a few meatless meals each week and Hello Fresh has helped make that a bit easier.

You do have to put a bit of effort into the Hello Fresh meals but if you can read directions, you’re fine. They are fun to cook with friends, family or a spouse and easy enough to complete on your own. The meals aren’t too complicated and your package comes with just about everything you need. The recipes sometimes call for ingredients you should already have in your kitchen like olive oil and salt. If you sign up for Hello Fresh make sure to use the code LOVINGBEAUTYANDLIFE80 for $80 off your first box!

Buffalo Chicken with Loaded Cauliflower Rice from Freshly

Last, but not least, I recommend Freshly. Freshly meals come cooked and ready to eat and eat. My favorite dish is the Buffalo Chicken with Loaded Cauliflower Rice. It’s soooo delicious!

I’m a fan of Freshly because of the convenience. I love that I just have to microwave and eat. It saves time and the meals are made with really good ingredients. If you happen to be watching what you eat, they have plenty of options. Each meal has a full list of ingredients and a nutritional statement on the package. They offer vegetarian meals, meals under 500 calories, paleo friendly meals, low carb meals and dairy free meals.

I know the world of food subscriptions can be tricky. What to trust and what not to trust can be hard to navigate. I can tell you, these 3 food subscriptions I have personally tried. Not just once, but multiple times! Each one I love for different reasons and will continue to order. I keep Daily Harvest smoothies stocked up in my freezer because they don’t spoil quickly!

Don’t forget to subscribe!

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