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Back to the Basics of Skin Care

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Do we even know what a basic skin care routine is anymore? I know my skin hasn’t seen anything basic in over a year, and I’m kind of burnt out!

I figure it would be a good time to start over and get back to the basics and build a new skin care routine based on what my skin really needs. It’s a good time to re-evaluate our skin and figure out what products are really necessary and what we can skip.

I’ve personally collected tons of products that I have either used a few times or that did nothing for my skin over this past year and it’s time to purge my collection. To be honest, my collection looks like a whole department store display, but that’s all changing since I’m getting back to being basic! It’s a good thing to purge your older skin care products before they expire or go bad. Most products have an expiration date or tell you how many months they will be good for after opening. I toss everything I’m unsure about because I don’t want to take any chances.

Building a basic skin care routine is simple. First, I suggest picking a cleanser. Since there are so many different types of cleansers out there, you really need to know which one will best suit your skins needs. I have combo skin and like a good gel or clay cleanser after my first cleanse with an oil cleanser. Clay cleansers can dry out your skin quicker than most gel cleansers though, so I make sure I alternate accordingly. If you have dry or sensitive skin I’d suggest sticking to a cream or gel cleanser that is fragrance free. I double cleanse on days I wear makeup just to make sure my skin is completely clean and free of any makeup residue. Oil cleansers are not only good for a first cleanse, but also amazing for sensitive and really irritated skin.

The second step in building a new routine is picking a toner. Some people use them, and others don’t, but I personally don’t think I will ever go without. Toners are most helpful for those with oily or acne-prone skin but I like using them (combo skin here!) because I like the extra clean feeling. Using a toner really helps to get whatever makeup or sunscreen that a cleanser left behind. Also, using a toner can help remove excess dirt and oil as well as balance the pH of your skin. Some toners are even humectants, which help bind moisture to the skin. I honestly think having a toner in your routine is non negotiable!

After using a toner I would normally suggest an essence, oil and serum but since those really aren’t “basic”, I think it’s best to skin right into a good eye cream and moisturizer.

A good eye cream can help lessen the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The skin around your eye is the most fragile on your face and is quicker to show signs of fatigue. The earlier you start using an eye cream, the better! Always be proactive!

Last but not least, a good moisturizer is key in every skin care routine, basic or extra. There are tons of different options out there, so try choosing one that fits your skin concerns. If you’re concerned about signs of aging, choose a moisturizer with anti aging ingredients. If your skin is extremely dry, make sure you’re looking for a moisturizer with humectants like aloe, hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

I like to think of a new basic skin care routine as a good way to get to know your skin again. Some of the products I’ve been using over the past year have been totally unecissary, time consuming and expensive, and I know I’m not the only one being extra for the sake of being extra. Building a fresh routine feels amazing and can really give you a fresh perspective of what your skin really needs and wants from you.

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