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My Favorite Purchases of 2019

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It’s about that time to share my favorite purchases from 2019. This year has gone by way too fast it seems! My favorite purchases make a small list this year, and I’m a bit proud of myself for that!

a. My Shark Robotic Vacuum has saved my life, time and sanity these lat few months. We have two German Shepherds and I couldn’t keep up with their hair being everywhere. I would vacuum everyday but it didn’t seem like it was enough and I was getting tired of cleaning every single day. The Shark is small, but it does it’s job. I clean it frequently, basically after every room and then let it free to do it’s thing while I do mine! It’s a must!

b. My beloved Flannel candle from Bath and Body Works! I love the scent and am so happy I grabbed another one! I’m drawn to certain scents and this one will forever be on hand!

c. So technically I didn’t buy the Soda Stream. I was lucky enough to partner with them this year and was sent it to review. I will never live without it. Plain and simple. You try to take it away and I will kick and scream. I’ve been making sparkling water and adding fresh fruit just about everyday. We don’t have to recycle as many cans and I get fresh bubbles with a touch of a button.

d. Okay, I’m picky when it comes to my body wash. I took a leap of faith and ordered Bioderma’s Cleaning Oil and honestly don’t see myself ever using anything else. It’s not oily at all and lathers up just right. It’s amazing for sensitive skin and is all around a great product.

e. My Alex drawers have saved my sanity! I need to grab a few more already! They have just enough space and are easy to organize. They come in a few different colors, so you can match any decor you want. I use them for my makeup and am able to organize my products so I know exactly where everything is!

f. I have sent thousands on hair products. I’m not joking. I use to be so quick to try new products. Finally, I settled on Joico since my hairdresser swears by the brand. I have seen a tremendous difference in my hair since switching. I buy the big bottles when they go on sale and they last me pretty much all year.

g. Another Shark! I use my Shark Floor Steamer weekly and it has been a lifesaver. We have tile and wood floors throughout our house. They are hard to keep clean because of the dogs and life! One pass with the steamer and they look as good as new and clean.

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