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Getting Ready for Fall at Bath and Body Works

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I’m getting ready for Fall at Bath and Body Works because….candles!

That’s it! I’m basic and I love candles! My love for Bath and Body Works is relatively new. I’m a huge Scentsy fan and stock up on wax melts each season. I love the ambiance of a burning candle too, so double the good smells run through my house!

I only purchased three of the 3-Wick Candles because the husband was with me and said “I think we are good with three of them” at least 40 times, so I will have to go back and grab more next time I hear of a sale.

I’m not a huge fan of sweet candles but Pumpkin Pecan Waffles was a winner this time. It smells amazing and screams fall!

I can never pass up a good sale. Fresh Water and Aloe was on sale for $11.95, plus I had 20% off. I’m saving this baby for next spring…maybe!

Flannel has been a favorite of mine since I jumped on the Bath and Body Works bandwagon. I love how they release different designs each year to I can switch it up.

I’m ready for the fall weather to roll in so I can light these babies! I think by October 1st I will have my whole house smelling like Summer never existed!

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