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I Trashed My 7 Step Skincare Routine

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I trashed my 7 step skincare routine a while ago and couldn’t be happier. Yes…I simplified my routine and I’m happy about it! My skin is happy too!

Why did I trash my 7 step skincare routine you ask?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

It was getting to be too much for me and my skin was fighting back. I felt like my skin was always getting congested in the same areas every three weeks or so and stopped responding to new skincare all together. It was becoming too time consuming and getting a bit expensive. When I finally gave up my 7-10 step skincare routine, I was putting probably $80 or so worth of product on my face at one time! That’s insane.

My morning routine use to consist of cleanser, toner, essence, serums, eye cream, moisturizer, facial oil, spf and a mist or two. That went on BEFORE my makeup! I can now sleep in an extra hour…I’m only half kidding.

The 7 step skincare routine is so hyped and on trend right now. It’s great, if you’re skin really needs all those products. My skin loved it at first and I thought I was taking the best care of my skin because everyone else is doing it. The truth is, your skin doesn’t need that many products at one time. Cleanse, tone, moisturize…that’s about all you need. Serums and treatments are great to toss on as well, but layers and layers of skincare is unnecessary.

My New Routine

My new routine consists of a double cleanse (oil cleanser and a water based cleanser), toner, serum and a moisturizer in the evening. I gave up eye cream too! I was developing Milia because of all the heavy creams I was applying to my face so I was advised to stop using thicker creams in the area. I decided to stop using all products in the eye area expect an occasional gel mask.

In the mornings I typically cleanse, tone, moisturize and then apply my SPF before doing my makeup. My makeup sits so much better on my skin and I feel like I don’t need as much coverage. I even go bare faced a lot more than I use to!

The moment I started listening to my skin is the moment I trashed my 7 step skincare routine. My skin is the healthiest it’s been in a while and I have so much more time and money to spare!

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