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Our Stay At The Clement in Palo Alto

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I’ve been wanting to visit the San Jose area for a long time. We finally decided to make the trip for my birthday weekend. There’s so much to do in the area, and the weather was nice, so we got really lucky. One of the highlights of our trip though, was our stay at the one and only Clement in Palo Alto.

The Clement is truly an all inclusive, and I mean all inclusive, luxury getaway. They have everything you could possibly need, and if they don’t, someone will happily get it for you.

The Clement is located right across from the Stanford University campus and walking distance to downtown Palo Alto. Once we checked in, we didn’t feel the need to leave since we found everything we needed or wanted on property. It is a nice option to have things to do nearby. My husband and I has spent the day in San Fransisco before checking in, so we were ready to just relax.

Get ready for free parking! I can’t tell you how happy I was about that! I haven’t stayed at a hotel that offered free parking in so long! It’s valet too!

Bernie, the concierge on call the day we arrived, gave us a thorough tour of the property upon checking in. I really enjoyed it, and I think my husband did too. It gave them time to get our bags to our room, and since it was our first stay, it helped us learn what The Clement had to offer.

The Clement has an amazing rooftop pool fully equipped with cabanas and lounging chairs. They also offer sunglasses and sunscreen so you don’t have to worry if you left your in your room or at home! They sometimes host barbecues on the rooftop for guests, which I think is amazing! We missed it by a few hours, but I look forward to checking it our next time.

You’ll find an open pantry available to guests 24/7. They stock the fridges with snacks, drinks, desserts and really anything you can think of. There’s also pastries and fresh fruits. This was one of my favorite offerings at The Clement. Being able to pop downstairs and grab a midnight snack makes me feel right at home. I didn’t venture downstairs during the night, but it was nice to know I could if I wanted to. The dining room is roomy and perfect for a nice intimate dinner or quick snack. It’s as formal as you want to make it, so you can feel comfortable dressing up or down. They also have outside seating, which we opted for.

The sitting rooms are basically one big living room and are really warm and inviting. When my husband and I were hanging out we had at least three of the staff ask us if we needed anything or if they could get us another drink. I really felt like everyone there was extremely attentive and did a great job. The couches are super comfortable too, which made us hang out a little longer than usual. They have books and guitars that you can play! I loved the vibe!

I’m a big fan of the outdoor areas. They had plenty of space and the furniture was really comfortable. It felt good to just sit and hangout on the patio with an iced tea and cold beer. I’ve honestly never really felt comfortable just hanging out at a hotel before, so this was a really nice experience for me.

On to the food and our yummy dinner! My husband ordered Salmon and I got the Halibut. We also shared the Pokè Nachos as an appetizer. The Pokè Nachos were amazing. Honestly, they stole my heart and I will for sure be looking for them next time I visit. We both really enjoyed our entrees as well. Everything tasted really fresh and had a lot of good flavor! Again, the staff was super attentive and really made sure we had everything we needed.

When we arrived back to our suite after dinner we noticed housekeeping had snuck in and gave us a good turn down service complete with a fresh chocolate chip cookie on the nightstand. I was really impressed by the attention to detail and my husband was excited for the cookie!

We had the option to order breakfast the night before, and we jumped on it. We were able to select the time we wanted breakfast delivered to our room and exactly what we wanted off the menu. They were right on time delivering and the presentation was amazing! I wish I could get breakfast every morning the way The Clement served it!

I was thoroughly impressed by everything The Clement has to offer! My husband was too! Some of our favorite amenities and services included the heated toilet seats (I was more excited than I should have been!), 24/7 kitchen, preordering breakfast and the lounging areas.

I’m already wanting to plan another trip just so I can’t stay at The Clement again!! I highly recommend The Clement if you’re staying in the area, you won’t be disappointed!

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