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I asked my IG family to ask me anything a week or so back, and I figured I’d finally publish my Q and A and give you all the answers you’ve been waiting for!

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging years and years ago! Remember Live Journal? Yes, I had one! I got serious about blogging when I started Loving Beauty and Life though, about 2 years ago.

When are you coming to Australia?!?

You know who you are, wink wink! I would love to visit Australia one day, I’ve never been! My goal this next year for Loving Beauty and Life is to add more travel content. I don’t travel much right now, but I would love to start! So, to answer your question, I don’t know, but I hope soon!

Do you make money blogging?

This is quite personal, but hey, I said nothing was off limits! Yes, I do make money from blogging. I don’t make enough to quit my day job though. I work really hard on all my content, but especially hard on my sponsored content. Not everything you see on my Instagram or blog is sponsored though! You’ll always know, because I disclose!

What’s your favorite network?

For those of you who blog, you’ll know what a network is! My favorite right now is AspireIQ but I love Linqua too! I get a lot of campaigns through both and connecting with brands that interest me are easy to do on both platforms!

Do you work?

Yes! Yes, I do! I am in the food industry. I’m a broker, and I’m working all the time. It’s a really fun job because I meet tons of different people from all walks of life, eat and talk about food and get to visit different places often. I don’t travel outside of California often, but I get to check out different cities and restaurants throughout my home state.

Will you ever blog full time?

This is a tough question! I don’t think so honestly. I love what I do and I love blogging. Blogging is a job but I don’t see myself ever doing it full time. I would have to be a part of something else too, like campaign or influencer management. I’ve always wanted to work in the PR field and think I would try to find something part time if I ever were to dive into blogging full time.

How many dogs do you have?

I have two! Two German Shepherd terrors! Joking! They are sweet most of the time. We’ve had them since they were eight weeks old. They aren’t real brothers and are only two days a part. Thor and Loki are my loves, even though they are a handful sometimes.

How do you find time to test all the skincare you post about?

I make time! My routine is constantly changing and I’m always adding new products. I try to give my undivided attention to the products I am reviewing so I can form a solid opinion. I’ve slowed down on the number of products I agree to review recently because I was feeling really overwhelmed by everything.

That’s it for now! I hope you all enjoyed reading my answers to your questions!!

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