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I Like a Good Smelling House

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My husband is always asking me why I buy so many candles, wax melts and air fresheners. Well, it’s because I like a good smelling house!

I’ve always been drawn to aromatherapy and love filling the rooms of my house with seasonal scents.

We have two German Shepherd’s and though they don’t smell in my opinion, I can’t seem to stand the idea of my house smelling like a dog.

Often, I’ll buy candles from Home Goods, in the Target clearance section, Bath and Body Works and sometimes I’ll pay full price and treat myself to something fancy.

I’m a lover of Scentsy products and have a warmer in every room in my house. I’m building my collection so I can switch them out according to season and holiday. It’s an addiction, but sensible and not too expensive!

My favorite air fresheners are from Grow Fragrance. They are non toxic and have a good selection of different scents. They are safe around the dogs, which is a huge deal for me. I use them on my couches and haven’t had a problem whatsoever. They really liven up the room and the scents linger instead of disappearing instantly. I don’t like using aerosol cans of any type and am always looking for a “cleaner” more “green” option when it comes to household products!

I obviously have to change the scents up according to the weather and season, but I know I can’t be alone in this!

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