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Tech Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

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We pretty much all rely on technology and different tech devices to get us through our day. I have my iPhone on me pretty much 24/7, but aside from that, I rely on some other gadgets to keep me connected. Here’s my list of tech devices I can’t live without.

I carry my Anker Charger just about everywhere I go. It’s been my ride or die for a few years and charges my phone super quick. I’m always the one that charges everyone else up too since it hold a massive charge and works super fast. I’ve even charged my laptop with this beast! I received that as a Christmas gift a few years ago and am surprised at the power of this thing!

I use a Tech 21 Phone Case to protect my iPhone, and I won’t use anything else. Occasionally, I’ll put on a cute case for the day or night, but I always pop this back on. It’s protected my phone from massive drops and the company will replace it if it starts wearing out or breaks. The colors are cute and it’s extremely durable.

Eventually, we will upgrade our FitBits, but until then, our Charge’s work just fine. My husband and I wear ours pretty much all the time. Since we started back at the gym, it’s really helped with our workouts. It gives you call and text alerts too! I know there are new models on the market, but this works just fine for me right now.

Our Ring Doorbell is a lifesaver. I hate answering the door. I have a phobia of answering the door. I love being able to see who it is and tell them no thank you from the comfort of my couch, or car, or work, or anywhere and the best part is, no one has to know you’re not home! It’s great for security, but it’s also good for those pesky salesman! One of my favorite features is the neighborhood forum. I can check in to see what’s been going on in our area and watch out for any suspitious activity.

My Grandparents bought my husband and I an Alexa for Christmas. I n ever thought I’d use it as much as I do. It’s super easy to work and it’s convenient when you want to throw on some music, play a game or ask a question. We only have one right now, and it’s in our living room. I’m planning on getting one for the bedroom because I know we will use it!

Last, but not least, Apple AirPods! These things are worth every single penny, especially if you workout. They don’t move a bit in your ear when you’re running, jumping, doing burpees or any other activity that requires movement! They are super comfy in the year and the sound quality is amazing. I was hesitant to buy them at first because of the price tag, but I’m in love now and would buy them ten times over!

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