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The Billie Razor Subscription

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Have you heard about Billie, the razor subscription?

It’s a monthly subscription for razors that were specially designed for women.

I’ve been a long time subscriber to Dollar Shave Club and love their blades. For some reason, a Billie ad popped up and I was sucked into subscribing. Both subscriptions are around the same price.Billie is $9 a month for four cartridges and Dollar Shave Club is $7 for the blades I buy.Dollar Shave Club has an upgraded blade available for $9 a month.

What I like about razor subscriptions is that I can change my blade whenever I want. I don’t have to go to the store and buy a new package or spend all that money. The blades I’ve been getting from Dollar Shave Club are cheap, effective and do the job. I have a back up too, just in case I feel fancy and want to change the blade more often.

I love the prices of these subscriptions too. Less than $10 for razor blades? Yes please! I use to buy the generic blades for more than what it costs to ship me new ones. Price is really important to me!

They work. Dollar Shave Club has worked really well for me. My skin loves them and I have yet to have a problem. A few years back I went out and bought another razor because my legs were getting razor burn. It healed up and I went right back to my DSC blades. I don’t think it had anything to do with the blades I was using because I have yet to have another problem. DSC is geared more towards men. All of the packaging and all of the advertising is directed towards men. That’s why the Billie caught my eye…they are all about women!

Now for the Billie review…

I was excited to try something new honestly. Their advertising is genius and I was expecting something innovative and fancy.

Shipping took a while after I placed my order. I can blame President’s Day for that, but I was a little annoyed to be honest.

I received two cartridges instead of the four I was expecting. Another disappointment. The welcome package contains two blades and the handle. Each shipment after that contains four of the refills.

The packaging was super cute, but a bit wasteful in my opinion. There’s no need for a larger cardboard box, plastic bag and another smaller cardboard box. I’m hoping the packaging is different once my monthly refills come in.

The razor itself is great! The aloe soap around the razor is a nice touch too! I’ve never been a fan of razors that are encased in soaps, and this one actually delivers! I was a bit skeptical because it looked as though I used half the soap on the first use. I literally just used it for the fourth time and it’s still going strong.

My legs were incredibly soft after using the Billie razor. I feel like I get a closer shave with the Billie than with my other razor. I really do like the handle too. It’s slim and easy to hold. You can customize your color as well! I picked Cool Blue!

I’m thinking I will keep the Billie for my gym bag and leg shaving! The razor is affordable, effective and really fits what I’m looking for in a razor.

Truthfully, both subscriptions are worth it to me. I will be keeping both for a while and making the big decision to cancel one in a few months.

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