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5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget

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It’s already almost Valentine’s Day and if you’re on a budget, I have 5 date ideas that will help you keep a little money in the bank.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about how much you spend, but who you spend it with. It’s also the little things that count. I’d much rather a home cooked meal that was thought out than going to a crowded restaurant for $100 a plate!

  1. Dinner at home. Know, I know, so cliche, but it can be romantic and amazing if you put a little effort into it! Tell Alexa to play some of your favorite music or even create a playlist just for dinner! Pick up a bottle of wine and prepare your favorite dish. You can even work together as a couple to create a special night, or surprise your other half! Head to Target and grab a nice tablecloth with matching place mats, a nice vase and flowers and there’s your table decor. Easy peasy and it won’t break the bank!
  2. Go to dinner the night before or the night after…or even the weekend before or after! Restaurants hike up the prices on Valentine’s Day because they know you will pay! Trust me, I know these things!
  3. Order take-out and have a movie night at home. Watch whatever you want, sit on the floor, feed each other and have a blast just hanging out! No one has to do the dishes and to be honest, that’s romantic all by itself!
  4. Go out to a local paint and sip class. Groupon and Living Social always have deals, and I bet there’s one local to you! Make sure to make a reservation though! They are fun, even if you think they are cheesy! It doesn’t matter if you can’t paint because they walk you through it, step by step. They are seriously fun, and you and your loved one will for sure enjoy yourselves.
  5. If you live in a coastal area, pack a dinner or some snacks and head to the beach. Walk around, talk, people watch…there’s a lot to do in costal cities that can keep you occupied. Enjoy your company and put down the cell phones. If you’re not near the beach pick a park or somewhere that has a spot to sit and relax that’s also a bit scenic.

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