The Bearded Mans Gift List

I wrangled the help of my husband to bring you this one! The holidays are right around the corner and it’s hard to think of gifts that our loved ones will actually use…right?!? If you have someone bearded on your list, look no further for the perfect gift because I have done all the research for you!


The Beard Wrangler Man Crate is literally the best gift you could give your bearded man this holiday! They get a crate filled with beard goodies, plus get to show off their muscles opening it! Win win!


The Total Beardsman Beard Kit is the all-in-one perfect gift for that bearded man on your list this year. They have different scents to choose from too!!


The Wilderness Beard Butter smells amazing and is perfect for the holidays! It’s a blend of Pine, Cedar and Eucalyptus, so it’s totally festive! My husband swears by this stuff and it lasts a long time!


Ok, so this Mustache Wax will make the perfect stocking stuffer! My husband uses it often and swears by it! It’s compact enough to keep in a pocket or glove box and it keeps the stash looking good!


The Wingman Beard Oil smells amazing and works really well for facial hair! It has Argan, Jojoba, Grapeseed and essential oils! It can work for beards, hair, cuticles, you name it! They have a few different scents too…The Wingman and The Wilderness are my personal favorites from my husbands stash (no pun intended…he has a stash of products!).

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