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August Favorites

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August has been a pretty crazy month for me. Between buying a house, work, a car accident and getting evacuated from the Holy fire, it’s been one for the books for sure!
Everything as started to settle down and I found some time to round-up my favorite products for the month!
First up is the Purifying Cleanser from Tula. Tula just launched at Ulta, which makes it super easy for me to repurchase. I love the size of the cleanser and how it makes my face feel super clean without adding any dryness. I highly recommend!
Julep! I remember Julep when they only had nail polishes. They are bringing in the big guns when it comes to skin care. I was lucky enough to get this Triple Quench Sheet Mask sent to me to try and I fell in love. It contains three different steps and each of them made my skin extremely happy. I will be purchasing ASAP!
107 has been a favorite brand of mine for quite some time. They are launching a whole new line and I was able to snag their all new Illuminator before it hit stores! I’ve been using it every single day before my makeup. It acts as a band-aid for your skin care and leaves you with a smooth canvas for your foundation. It really makes my skin feel and look amazing!
Sylveco Peppermint Exfoliating Lip Balm is a must have for me now. I’ve been using it throughout the day and right before I apply lipstick to help it last. It’s an amazing lip primer and my lips haven’t felt this good in years! I love that it moisturizes and exfoliates without the mess of a lip scrub!
I picked up the MAC Aaliyah bronzer and really didn’t think I’d like it all that much. I honestly grabbed it because the packaging and I’ve always been a huge Aaliyah fan. I was really surprised when I noticed I was reaching for it everyday! It’s the perfect color for me and it’s extremely blendable. I’m glad I picked it up, but I’m bummed it’s limited edition!
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Disclaimer- Some products I received complimentary from the brands.
All opinions are my own!
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