Troutdoorsman Man Crate

I know I missed Father’s Day by about a week, but it’s better late than never right?

I picked out the best gift for my husband…he’s not a people father but he is a dog father and totally deserves to celebrate Father’s Day, right?!?

I picked out the Troutdoorsman Man Crate and was kind of unsure if he would like it or not. I’m new to Man Crates and really haven’t seen many reviews, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

They have tons of different Man Crates for all types of men with different hobbies and lifestyles. My husband loves to fish and he’s been bugging me about going camping soon, so I figured the Troutdoorsman Man Crate would be the perfect gift for him.

The first thing I noticed when it was delivered was the packaging. Everything looked awesome to me and it even came with a tiny crow bar to open the crate with.

Inside the cardboard box were note cards. I liked that extra detail they added! I’m sure when I order for a birthday the card will say Happy Birthday…it’s the small things that impress me!

Second awesome discovery is that these Man Crates are NOT easy to open! They aren’t extremely difficult, but they aren’t a piece of cake either! I loved watching him opening it and struggle a bit!

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Once the crate was open, everything inside was neatly packed and ready to be dug into!

The Troutdoorsman Man Crate includes…

Man Crates Exclusives

  • TROUT: Avant-Garde Recipes for the Trout Enthusiast
  • O’fish’ial Blend Trout Seasoning

Trout Trappers

  • Canvas Creel
  • Kershaw Fixed Blade Filet Knife
  • Grandpa’s Grill Holder



My husbands favorite part of the crate was the Kershaw Fixed Blade Filet Knife. He was excited for all of it, but I think the knife stuck out!

I’m super impressed with Man Crates and love the variety of different crates they curate. They have crates for your foodies, drinkers, sports lovers, and they even have personalized options.

From now on, I’m gifting a Man Crate to all the men in my life for birthdays and holidays.   They are easy to order, awesome, fun and honestly a total hit!!


Man Crates - Awesome Gifts For Guys


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