My Favorite KBeauty On-line Retailers

It can be hard to shop for skin care on-line. I totally get it! New brands and products are especially difficult to choose from sometimes. Shipping fees always seem to get in the way too!!

I’ve purchased from a ton of on-line retailers, and want to share my top picks for all your kbeauty wants and needs! Shopping for kbeauty can be a bit intimidating itself, and some sites are really confusing to navigate. Bellow, you’ll find my favorites, and can rest assured they ship quick and pack everything really carefully!

  1. Wishtrend – Shipping times can be a bit longer with Wishtrend, but their sales and coupons more than make up for it! They ship from overseas, and always pack products very nicely. I’ve had nothing but amazing experiences with them!
  2. Mask Sheets – KILLER deals on sheet masks! I’ve always received fast shipping, but haven’t ordered in a hot minute! Love their selection and they are constantly adding more products!
  3. Beautibi – I can’t sing the praises of Jen (the founder) enough! Beautibi is such an amazing site, and they are based in Southern California! Jen travels and meets with he brands she stocks. She carries more than just Korean skin care. You can find Taiwanese and Japanese selections as well!
  4. Althea – This might sound silly, but I love the pink box the products come in so much!! Althea has an amazing selection of products, at really great prices. Customer service is pretty amazing too! They offer different shipping options, and ship from overseas! I’ve blogged an Althea haul in the past, and need another one soon!
  5. Amazon – You read that right…Amazon! I urge you to check out the seller you’re purchasing from before hitting that buy bottom. I’ve purchased directly from the brands on Amazon, and feel confident about my purchases!
Disclaimer - Some links are affiliate links. By purchasing from these links, I earn a small commission which helps keep this blog running.

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I'm a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Southern California. I live with my husband and two German Shepherds. I love sharing my thoughts on makeup, skincare and life!

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