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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably noticed I have two furry children. Loki and Thor are our German Shepherds whom we love dearly, but scream at ten times a day.
My husband and I are extremely particular about what we feed the boys. We both believe that dog treats or food should be made with quality ingredients and not contain tons of additives. The less I have to read on an ingredient label the better, and it’s a huge plus if I can pronounce everything I’m reading.
Thor and Loki are a bit spoiled to be honest, but we want them to live the best lives possible.
Chewy helps bring quality treats and food to our doorstep at awesome prices. They carry just about everything you need to care for a dog or cat (even other animals!).

I found Honest Kitchen Wishes Fillets and knew the boys would love them! They are made with 100% human grade wild caught white fish. The Honest Kitchen Wishes Fillets have just one ingredient, dehydrated white fish. They are great for cats and dogs in all life stages and any breed size. The Honest Kitchen Wishes Fillets are GMO-free, high-protein, and grain-free which makes them great for those on special diets.

Key Benefits (from the Chewy website)

  • Dehydrated treats for cats and dogs are the perfect snack for multi-pet households.
  • Made with just a single, tasty ingredient of wild-caught white fish
  • Fish is an excellent treat for dogs who have sensitivities to more common protein sources.
  • High in protein and low in calories, the lightweight treat is great to bring anywhere, and easily snaps into smaller pieces.
  • Made in the USA with human-grade quality, using a farm to bowl philosophy.

Our boys absolutely love the Honest Kitchen Wishes Fillets. I have to warn you though, they smell like fish. They have a really strong odor to them, but it dissipates and doesn’t really linger. I always wash my hands after giving Thor and Loki a piece. I don’t mind it much because I know they are good for them, and I know they don’t mind one bit!
I highly recommend The Honest Kitchen  for your dog and/or cat treats!  Chewy has the best prices in town too, and always has a coupon code circulating, so I suggest checking them out!

Disclaimer- Chewy sent Thor & Loki the Honest Kitchen Wishes Fillets to test and review. All opinions are 100% their own...I'm just the
one who opens bags and interprets for them.
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