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Skin Perfecting Miracle Reusable Mask

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A reusable mask?!? Sounds pretty interesting, right?!? When Bubble & Beau reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to test theirs out, my answer was a big and loud YES!
The Skin Perfecting Miracle Mask is made out of silicone. It’s meant to be used up to 20 times, which is pretty awesome. I mask about twice a week if not more, so it will last me about a month and a half if I use it every time I decide to slap a mask on.
It claims to cut your mask wearing time in half. I don’t mind the 20 minutes or so my sheet mask is on my face, but I would like to maximize absorption if possible. It also claims to be great over serums and oils, which I find intriguing.
I decided to finally test it out and see if it could work miracles on my face! I put on a sheet mask and then put the Skin Perfecting Miracle Mask over it.
It’s really stretchy and has ear loops to help secure the mask to your face. I would recommend rinsing the mask before putting it on because it smelt a bit of silicone when I took it out of the package. After a quick rinse, it was perfectly fine and I didn’t experience any strong odors.
It applied and sat nicely on my face for the 15 minutes I had it on. It didn’t feel tight, and it didn’t irritate me in any way. It honestly felt like my face was getting a big hug!
I felt like the essence from the sheet mask absorbed better while wearing the Skin Perfecting Miracle Mask. The sheet mask was soaked, and after 15 minutes it was getting pretty dry. Normally, I keep a soaked sheet mask on for 30 minutes or so before it begins to dry out.
My skin didn’t feel tight and it felt pretty breathable to be honest.
After using it I rinsed it with warm water and antibacterial soap because I try to never be too careful! I hung it to dry and then stored it in its original package after marking the number of used down so I don’t forget!
I’m giving this Skin Perfecting Miracle Mask two thumbs up and can’t want to try it out with heavier serums and oils! It’s retailing for $29.99, which breaks down to about $1.50 per use if you don’t use any discount codes, which isn’t a bad deal at all!
You can use the code LOVINGBEAUTYANDLIFE15 to save 15% on Bubble & Beau.

Disclaimer - I was sent the Skin Perfecting Miracle Mask for free to test and review by Bubble & Beau. All opinions are 100% my own.
By using the coupon code LOVINGBEAUTYANDLIFE15 you understand that it is my affiliate link and any and all commissions earned help me run this blog and keep reviews coming your way.
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