Brand Spotlight – Marin Bee Company

As a blogger, I sometimes get to try different products from a wide variety of brands. Sometimes they are well-known, and sometimes they are from small companies that aren’t as main stream. Some products stand out to me, while others don’t. I like to take my time and test out the products I receive and research the brand and what they stand for before I share my reviews.

Marin Bee Company is one of those companies that have stood out to me. I was sent their Honey Shave and Lip Polish to try out, and I have to say I reach for both, even months later. The Honey Shave stays in my shower, and I need to order a new one soon! It has saved my legs this winter, and helps give me a close shave all while keeping my skin super hydrated. It literally melts into my skin when I apply it in the shower. The Lip Polish stays in my purse at all times! I wear it under my liquid lipstick, on top or alone. Our weather in California has been pretty wacky this winter, and the Lip Polish has saved me from the dreaded chapped lips I get just about every year.

Marin Bee Company uses natural and organic California wildflower honey in their products. In fact, the founder of Marin Bee is a backyard beekeeper! Their products are only made with ingredients harvested by nature. Debra started making homemade skin care after seeing results from treating her hives with the honey from her backyard. She researched and started making different products for her kids, and then their friends. She noticed amazing results, so she set out to share her products with the world and founded Marin Bee Company.

Debra and Bill Tomaszewski even founded a non-profit, Planet Bee Foundation, to teach the world about the importance of bees. Every purchase from Marin Bee Company helps the foundation.

I really like small businesses that believe in something. Debra and Bill obviously do, and have poured their hearts and souls into their foundation and company. Their products are amazing too, so they must be doing something right!

Marin Bee Company is a brand I can back 100%. I like what they stand for and absolutely love that they give back. The founders are passionate for their cause and it really shows. I highly recommend taking a peek at thier site and picking some goodies up!


Disclaimer - I received the Honey Shave and Lip Polish for free from Marin Bee Company. I was not obligated to review, or post about them or their products. My opinion is 100% my own.

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