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My Wedding Accessories

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Oh, this was a hard one for me to decide on. The pressure was on because I kept hearing and reading that your wedding day accessories are just important as your dress!
At first didn’t want a veil, then I did at the last-minute. I wasn’t planning on wearing any jewelry either, but I had a few special pieces fall into my lap that had to be worn. Everything I originally thought I wanted went out the window, and I honestly couldn’t have been happier. I absolutely adore the jewelry I was lucky enough to wear, and am in love with how everything looked the day of!
Let’s start with the veil. I didn’t want one at first, and thought they were a total waste of money. I was only going to wear it during the ceremony, then take it off for our reception anyways. Then I started thinking more about it. I had two weeks left to find one or regret it. I went to a few bridal boutiques, and everything was way out of budget for me, but I was going to make it work and splurge if I really had to. Someone mentioned Amazon to me, so I took a peep on-line. I found my amazing veil for the even more amazing price of $31.99 on Amazon, and the best part…it was PRIME, so FREE shipping for me! It was perfect and certainly didn’t look like a veil one would purchase off Amazon!
Perfume! I NEEDED a wedding day perfume! I was set on this from the very beginning, and my then fiancé though I was insane. Joke’s on him because he still married me! Anyways, we went shopping for the perfect scent together because I wanted him to help me pick something special. We got tons of testers from Sephora, so I was able to test a few before making a decision. He loved Gabrielle by Chanel, and it ended up being a winner for me too! All the local stores were sold out a few days before the wedding and I panicked! Luckily I was able to track one down and snag it up! I highly recommend seeking out a special scent for your day. Something about it just makes me smile, and I know I will always remember the perfume I wore on my wedding day.
Now for the shoes. I might go into major detail about my shoes later on, but for now I’ll give you the short version. I picked about 10 different pairs and sent them to my bridesmaids to help me choose. I even sent to my mom and step mom. The one who decided for me was my grandma. She told me not to be boring or do what everyone else does. unfortunately, she wasn’t able to make my wedding or see the shoes in person. She passed about two months before the wedding. I will always remember my shoes, and am so glad I went with the ones she picked. It makes them even more special to me.
Lastly, we have my wedding day jewelry. I specifically told the fiancé no wedding gifts. He didn’t listen, as usual, and surprised me with diamond earrings a few days before the wedding. I instantly fell in love and was obviously going to wear them!
My step mom gifted me her pearl necklace to wear, and I was amazed at how well it matched with my dress! I will cherish it forever, and am so so thankful for such a thoughtful gift!
I know nothing about the bracelet I wore, except that it was blue and it belonged to my grandma. That’s honestly all I needed to know, and I’m really thankful that everyone thought of me when going through her jewelry box. I will obviously cherish it forever, because it was a piece of her, and now a piece of me.
I am honestly so happy with the accessories I was able to wear on my wedding day, and can’t even imagine going without like I originally thought I wanted! It was a little stressful to be honest, but it all fell into place, and there is nothing I would want to change!
xoxo, Nikol
All pictures were taken by our amazing photographer Priscila.

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  • Reply Shirin (@queenshirinn)

    Aww, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandma. My condolences to you and your family. That’s so sweet she was a part of your wedding through the shoes and bracelet. A part of her will always be with you. 🙂
    Shirin |

    February 19, 2018 at 5:38 pm
    • Reply Nikol

      Thank you so much! <3 She really was more of a best friend than a Grandma and I'm glad I was able to make her a part of the wedding!

      February 21, 2018 at 1:04 am

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