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3 Things You'll Want To Splurge On

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Weddings are expensive mmmkay? Just letting y’all know, tieing the knot doesn’t come cheap. There are tons of ways you can save money and cut costs. I think there are 3 things you should really be willing to splurge on! Sure, you can find amazing deals if you look in the right places, and I totally encourage you to do so! When we started planning, I didn’t think these things would be that important to me, but now that we are about 2 months out, they have become the most important.

  1. Photography. You’re going to want to splurge on your photographer. Photography is often the most expensive part of a wedding, aside from the venue, and for good reason. These are memories you can’t capture again. You have one shot at capturing the faces of your guests, and marrying the person of your dreams. Invest wisely! 30 years from now, you don’t want to regret your wedding photos!
  2. Food & Drink. Have good food, and a good selection of drinks. You can find amazing deals on both, but should be willing to splurge. I went to a wedding a few years ago that was catered by a little hole in the wall Italian restaurant that the couple loved, and they got an awesome deal on all the food! Everyone talked about the dinner for months after the wedding!
  3. Florist. I wish I could partake in DIY projects, but I just can’t. If you can swing doing your arrangements and bouquets yourself, by all means, show off your talent, but remember, you’re going to be super busy and who wants to be rushing around on their wedding day?!? It’s worth it to splurge if you’re not crafty! It doesn’t matter if you’re going with real flowers or artificial, they are an important part of your big day.  The brides bouquet will be in a lot of pictures, as well as most of the arrangements…you want to remember how beautiful they were!

What is something you plan on splurging on?!?
Have fun planning!!
xoxo, Nikol

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