Secret Key Sheet Masks

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@LovingBeautyAndLife), you know I love myself some sheet masks. I’m kind of obsessed with k-beauty in general. You probably also know I’m getting married this year, and need to treat my skin and my bridesmaids skin as well! We all have to look good, right?!?

Like I said, I love me a good sheet mask! Secret Key has been a good brand to me so far. Everything I’ve tried from them has delivered!

Cupidrop is an on-line k-beauty retailer who was kind enough to send me this awesome set of masks. The Secret Key Nature Recipe Mask Pack Duo is on sale right now for $5 and you score two awesome sheet masks from Secret Key!


What Cupidrop Says…

These masks are your best solution to bringing nature’s goodness straight to your face. The “Honey” mask is formulated with honey, royal jelly extract and centella asiatica extract to provide your face with hydration and nutrition. The “Tea Tree” mask contains tea tree extract, hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica extract to bring calming and hydrating effects to sensitive and irritated skin.

What I say…

I honestly think these sheet masks are going to make their way into my bridesmaids gift bags (I hope they aren’t reading this…but if they are, please act surprised!). They make amazing gifts for pretty much anyone on your list, from teenagers, to skin care loving adults such as myself! I love when retailers offer two packs, or a multi pack of masks. It makes is so much easier to try new brands and the different products they carry. I think sheet masks would make perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays too…that might be me just wishful thinking though!

The masks themselves are great! The essence soaks right up and has a pleasant light scent. My skin felt refreshed, and moisturized after using the honey one! The fit was good, and the material was super comfortable! I totally recommend these masks and they get a two thumbs up from me!!

Check out Cupidrop for more products and some amazing masks!!



Disclaimer – I received these masks for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are always my own.

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