Save The Dates

Save The Dates (or STD’s) aren’t necessarily something you need to send your guests, but I’m glad we decided to send them out, and now, I honestly think they are really important. Even if you’re on a tight budget, I think it’s worth it. They really aren’t priced to break the bank, and you can find some really affordable options.

I was opposed to STD’s because I thought they were a waste of money. Our guest list is small, and mainly family, so I figured they’d mark their calendars and that was that.

I was WRONG! I started receiving tons of messages and phone calls about our wedding, so I decided to just cave and get some made! If your wedding date is anywhere near a holiday, I highly suggest you create and send STD’s to your guests. We are getting married the weekend before Christmas, so I should have known I needed to send them out.

The best website for save the dates is one that has tons of different templates, colors, options and that won’t break the bank!

Thankfully, I found Basic Invite! They offer a free address collection service, offer custom samples, and they have almost unlimited colors!

They offer tons of templates for just about any style. Photo, magnet, real wood, you name it! They also start at only .64 a piece, and you can find coupon codes floating around the internet! You can customize the paper, finish, corners, fonts, color…anything your little heart desires!


I’m glad we decided to send out STD’s because it really created the excitement for both of our families. It kind of got real for us too, and now everything is moving so fast! We are 3 months out so next on our list is invitations and a few minor details!

xoxo, Nikol


This post was sponsored on behalf of Basic Invite. All opinions are 100% my own and have not been influenced.

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