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Have you ever wondered how so many people are scoring free product on-line?
I use to wonder too, until I did a little research and started asking questions. You don’t have to be a blogger, or influencer to score free stuff from brands. A lot of brands like to partner with sites that help get their products into the hands of the everyday consumer…meaning you!

The first site I signed up for was Influenster*. Influenster allows you to connect your social media profiles and then grades you on how much on-line presence you have. They send surveys to your e-mail that you must complete in a certain time frame to be considered for their “Vox Boxes”. A Vox Box is the box of freebies they send you to try out and review! Not everyone gets the same stuff, but if you stick with them long enough, your bound to get some goodies! I’ve received makeup, snacks, nail polish, hair care, skin care, and even a Keurig! You have to make sure you are willing to post to your various social media profiles before signing up, because if you don’t, they will ban you from receiving future boxes. They honestly don’t ask very much of you, and they work with some pretty awesome brands! If you haven’t already sign up here*!
Another site I’ve grown to love is BzzAgent. BzzAgent is a no frills type of site, and I believe they rate you on how well you review the products you receive. I’ve received air fresheners, snacks, candles, and perfume from them so far! I love how easy it is to navigate the site, and to review the different products I’ve received.
Pinch Me is another site that you can score freebies on! They actually let you pick the samples you receive too, which is awesome! I’m new to this site, and I’ve only received a few samples of dog treats and NyQuil. They don’t ask much of you, just honest reviews after you receive your products. They come out with different products to choose from periodically, so you have to check your e-mail often to stay in the loop or you can miss out!
.08 Liter is one of my favorite sites to use. They mainly have asian skin care products up for grabs. The shipping times vary, but they typically take forever to arrive. You have to apply to try a product for free, and they select those who get the product after a certain time period. You are then required to review, and use specific hashtags before a preset date in order to be eligible for future campaigns.
These are just a few of the sites out there that you can score free stuff from. A good thing to keep in mind is that brands partner with these sites to get their products into the hands of real life consumers…meaning you! They are looking for real reviews, and real exposure from the testers. Altering a review in a particular brands favor just because the product was free is wrong, but it sadly happens all the time. Leaving less than stellar reviews won’t get you banned from any of these sites! Be honest, and open when testing new products…and most importantly have fun!!
Are there any sites that I’m missing? I know there are tons out there, but these are the ones I have personal experience with! Leave me a comment if you know of anymore!
Disclaimer: Links with “*” are affiliate links. If you wish not to use one of my affiliate links, just open a new browser window and manually type the web address in.

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