Perfect Summer Nudes

I’m talking about lipstick!

I’ve never really been a lipstick wearer, until recently. Honestly, I think I just needed to find shades and formulas I am comfortable wearing.

I attended Phame Expo a few weeks ago and picked up some lipsticks thinking they would get thrown in a drawer with the rest of my collection and never see the light of day.

To my surprise, I was wrong!!


I grabbed a gloss and a matte liquid lipstick from Kokie Cosmetics in the colors Hearts Delight and Infamous. I also picked up the new In The Nude collection from Makeup Geek Cosmetics that included a Plush Matte Lip Cream in the color Beach Bunny.

Kokie Cosmetics is a newer brand on the scene, and I’ve been hearing tons of great reviews about their products. The lip glosses go for $6 and the matte lipsticks run $7. Not bad pricing at all! You can find this brand at select Wal-Mart stores too, which is super convenient! The gloss isn’t sticky at all, and is really pigmented. They claim their glosses are high shine, but this shade isn’t that shiny on me in my opinion. It’s perfect, and I can top any lip color with it! The matte formula is amazing! It takes a bit to dry down, but it’s super creamy and not at all drying. It literally lasts all day on me too, which surprised me! Totally worth it! I’m planning on picking up some more shades in both formulas!

I have never tried Makeup Geek Cosmetics before my purchase from Phame. I was really surprised that I loved the whole collection I picked up. The Plush Matte Lip Cream is phenomenal! The formula is so lightweight, and flattering on the lips. It takes a bit to dry down completely, but after it does, it’s not going anywhere. It’s not hard to remove either,  which is a total plus! You can pick these up on their website for $12, which is a total steal considering the formula is more comfortable than some of the brands I’ve purchased for double the price!

I’d love to hear your feedback, and what your go to lipsticks currently are!




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