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I’ve never been great with fashion, and to be honest, I’m a jeans and T type of girl! I downloaded Styled to see what it was all about and to see if it would actually be fun and help me find outfits to fit my body type. I’m short, so a lot of style don’t sit right on my body, and I hardly ever jump out of my comfort zone when it comes ┬áto clothing.
Styled by Trendage is a new app that lets you try on clothes virtually! It reminded me of Cher’s closet from the movie Clueless! It really was fun swiping through the different outfits and dresses on the app. They had everything from dresses to casual wear, which amazed me!
What I liked the most about this app is the offers that pop up for you. I received a few coupon codes for on-line clothing stores just by scrolling through the different pre set outfits the app had to offer. Another aspect of the app that I really enjoyed was the ability to customize your body shape so you could actually see what different clothes might look like on your own body.
Download the app for yourself and give it a spin!
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