Valentine’s Day

I write this as I lounge on the couch with my heated blanket, full from an amazing home cooked dinner, and watching The Walking Dead.
Today was obviously Valentine’s Day. A day you see everyone post mushy gushy things on Facebook, show off  their gifts on Instagram, and snap about how lucky they are. Don’t get me wrong, I love Valentine’s Day, but I don’t like the standards attached to it.
I’m thankful for my fiancé, and love him with all my heart. This year, since we are saving for our wedding next winter and I told him not to do anything for me. I got him a card, and honestly didn’t expect a thing today. I woke up to the cutest stuffed dog with a rose in his mouth, a heartfelt card, and a box of my favorite key lime Sees Candies. I wasn’t expecting a thing, and thoroughly appreciated it more than he will ever know.
My whole point is today isn’t about what you got from your spouse or significant other. Today is about celebrating the people around you and the love you have for one another. You don’t have to spend tons of money, or go out to an expensive dinner. We stayed home, grilled rib eye steaks and baked a pair of lobster tails. It was 10x better than any meal out would have been, and we were able to enjoy each other. We bought a cake from the grocery store yesterday, and had an awesome dessert too!
Don’t fall prey to what you think is socially acceptable, especially today. Gifts are great, but if you have your health, family, and the person you love the most…that’s a gift in itself.

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I'm a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Southern California. I live with my husband and two German Shepherds. I love sharing my thoughts on makeup, skincare and life!

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