My Current Ride Or Die Products

We all have our ride or die products that have to be in our makeup bag at all times. You know, the products we repurchase over and over again? I think back to when I first started wearing makeup and am actually surprised I still use some things I started out with. Sure, I’ve tried new things, but none of them have worked the way I want them too, so I keep going back to my holy grails.
If it’s not broken, don’t fix it right?
My first ride or die product is MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix. I’ve been a few different colors throughout the years, but still the same old powder. I used this powder when I started wearing makeup, and don’t think I will ever stray from it again. For a while I was using Clinique and Chanel, I even tried Sephora’s brand, but I keep finding myself back at the MAC counter. I use it everyday to set my foundation, and wear it alone on my no makeup days. It’s not cakey or too thick, and it goes on smooth with just the right amount of coverage.
My second ride or die has been in my makeup bag for about 9 years. I remember the day I bought her, and brought her home. I stopped by Nordstroms for some much needed retail therapy and was on the hunt for a good lip pencil. Since I knew nothing of makeup I browsed the counters until I found someone willing to help my lost soul. I settled on Nars, and the nice pregnant sales women was a complete doll. She helped me pick out a lip pencil, and practically made me purchase a $70 Botan Kabuki Brush. I knew nothing of brushes, or the magical powers they posses when I brought this baby home, but I would soon find out. I remember the first time using it, it had shed like no other. The first time I washed it, it shed like no other. I almost returned it, but something inside me was screaming to keep it. I’m glad I did because I use it every single day to blend out my blush, bronzer and highlight. I also use it when I use mineral powders. I will totally spend the $70 again and not think twice.
My last ride or die for the time being is pretty new to me. I think I’ve been using it for about a year and acquired it from a friend. The Marc Jacobs Face 3 Foundation Brush is amazing. I use it basically ever time I apply liquid foundation and it applies so evenly and smooth. It’s easy to clean and so easy to use. I know I will have to replace it someday, and I won’t even think about grabbing something else. Nothing can take this brushes place.
Mascara and bronzer are a must for my makeup bag too, but I haven’t found my ride or die. I’m still on the hunt for those, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

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I'm a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Southern California. I live with my husband and two German Shepherds. I love sharing my thoughts on makeup, skincare and life!

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