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    How to Beat the Sick Blues

    Being sick really sucks! Being sick and feeling horrible is even worse!

    I get sick at least once a year, and my nose is running a marathon as I type this post. That’s what inspired me to share my feel better tips while being sick!

    I find when I do these things, I start to feel better. The virus may not be out of my system, but I don’t feel as gross sitting on the couch! It makes being sick less miserable and more tolerable. It takes energy, that’s for sure, but I always try to do at least a few of these things when I’m feeling horrible.

    • First, take medicine. DayQuil and NyQuil work great for me when I have a cold. Take whatever works for you and see a doctor if you’re not getting better! Please consult a doctor before taking anything!
    • Drink tons of water! Water is your friend, especially when taking medication!
    • Slap on the Vicks! I love me some Vicks, especially when I’m stuffed up!
    • Get up and take a shower. I know this might be the last thing you want, but it always makes me feel better. Shave your legs and use a nice sugar scrub to help make you feel good. When you feel good about yourself, you’ll start feeling a bit better.
    • Slap on some lotion and a good face oil! Use products that have uplifting scents, like rose and citrus. I’m a huge believer in aromatherapy and love a good mood elevator when I’m feeling sick.
    One of my favorite sugar scrubs!

    If you’re sick and reading this, I hope you feel better!!

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